Friday, January 28, 2011

Mad About Maude's

Accused of being a scenester, on more than one occasion, (so what if I'm up on what's hip and new...doesn't necessarily mean that I am but I can pretend) I was surprised I hadn't heard much about a new bar that opened in my hood. When a friend of mine suggested we check out a place called Maude's Liquor Bar in the West Loop a couple weeks ago, I looked it up online and was intrigued by this so called French dive. If this is the French idea of a "dive-bar" I would be terrified to give them the real American dive-bar experience. As you walk in you instantly get a super sexy, chic vibe from the décor and ultra dim lighting. I'm currently obsessed with vintage, rustic French décor, accents and moods at the moment so this place definitely had me at "Hello". Between the mix of vintage chandeliers and unique light fixtures, tufted leather sofas, exposed brick and worn distressed tile around the bar this place is definitely not your average hang in Chi-town. It even gave me a little inspiration for Operation Bedroom Redo. If you haven't already, check this place out. Next time I'll try not to be so distracted by the décor and have dinner...I hear the food is pretty amazing as well.

Enjoy the weekend!

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