Monday, January 31, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Football???

I'm not. I'm actually still bummed about the horrendous loss of the Bears to (gasp) the Packers a week ago. But, the show must go on and parties must be had. Whether you are a die-hard Steelers or Packers fan (hopefully NOT the latter) or just interested in checking out the commercials the majority of us will be glued to the TV this Sunday as the action unfolds. Why head to an over-crowded bar with sub-par food and a ton of people pushing and yelling when you can host your very own Super Bowl 2011 bash right at home. Here is some great inspiration and ideas for Sunday's upcoming festivities.

No need for fancy table cloths and flowers for this shin-dig. Super Bowl parties are all about being laid back and simple but not sloppy. A simple way to present your snacks is over an astro turf runner on your table. Take it an extra step further and cut out circles of the astro turf for coasters.

For an inexpensive centerpiece, line a sliver tray with wheatgrass flats and mini football player figurines with goal posts.

For a unique touch, create cones from newspapers to fill with peanuts or popcorn to accompany a mug of cold beer.

And my favorite, from Bakerella, are these adorable football themed cupcakes.

Not into baking? Crumbs Cupcakes (one of my favs) also has football themed goodies that you can order and pick up.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Mad About Maude's

Accused of being a scenester, on more than one occasion, (so what if I'm up on what's hip and new...doesn't necessarily mean that I am but I can pretend) I was surprised I hadn't heard much about a new bar that opened in my hood. When a friend of mine suggested we check out a place called Maude's Liquor Bar in the West Loop a couple weeks ago, I looked it up online and was intrigued by this so called French dive. If this is the French idea of a "dive-bar" I would be terrified to give them the real American dive-bar experience. As you walk in you instantly get a super sexy, chic vibe from the décor and ultra dim lighting. I'm currently obsessed with vintage, rustic French décor, accents and moods at the moment so this place definitely had me at "Hello". Between the mix of vintage chandeliers and unique light fixtures, tufted leather sofas, exposed brick and worn distressed tile around the bar this place is definitely not your average hang in Chi-town. It even gave me a little inspiration for Operation Bedroom Redo. If you haven't already, check this place out. Next time I'll try not to be so distracted by the décor and have dinner...I hear the food is pretty amazing as well.

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gift Bags that Scream: CHICAGO!

Having your wedding in Chicago but the majority of your guests are out-of-towners? Stress no more about putting together just the right gift bag. Biz-Bash recently featured a couple great, creative, locally made gifts that any guest would be thrilled to receive. The best part? They take all the guess-work/leg- work out and assemble them for you.

Magnificent Milestones offers an eco-friendly welcome bag that features an "I Love Chicago" tote filled with local goodies such as Garret's popcorn, Frango mints, Chicago root beer and more.

Bagable Gifts welcome your guests in style incorporating just about any theme your little heart desires full of an array of made-in-Chicago items. Their "bagable minis" are perfectly portioned for individual guests.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Of course! There's an App for That!

Ok party people, inviting guests to your next celebration became just a little bit more easy and fun thanks to a cool app I discovered from Hanna Nation called POST. This app lets you design and send custom invitations right from your iphone! With over 50 designs to choose from why send a plain boring text? POST is perfect for every occasion whether it's a last minute happy hour or surprise birthday party. As soon as I get my little hands on an iphone (since it has finally made its way to Verizon - yay) this will be one of the first apps I download! Check it:

Select Your Design:
Type Your Message and Send! 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Looking for a New Pad?

The February issue of Chicago Magazine lets you into the home of Nate Berkus' Chicago condo. But word on the street is he's selling his Gold Coast digs! And for a cool $2,650,000 his pad could be yours. His condo is located in a building rich with history and mixed with authentic vintage and glam décor throughout the space. The closet alone makes me want to salivate.

Monday, January 24, 2011


It seems that denim is getting around in the fashion world. Who could forget jhorts? Although some of us should. And then there was the love affair with leggings creating the oh so popular jeggings trend. Now it seems denim has its eyes set on sweats. When I first read about this trend in the fall a look of disgust attached itself to my face. However, while thumbing through an issue of In Touch Weekly at the airport a couple weekends ago, I stumbled across my style icon (Olivia Palermo) photographed wearing them and I may have a slight change of heart...maybe. It's obviously about finding the absolute right pair or you will have a fashion disaster on your hands. I haven't seen many more than Oliva pull them off. But with all the traveling I will be doing this year, this makes for the perfect comfy, jet-setting outfit that can be dressed up or down. My prediction is that this romance will be nothing but a short-lived fling but who knows. What do you think?

Olivia Palermo (In Touch Weekly)

Jessica Alba

Friday, January 21, 2011

59 More Days...

Until the official mark of spring. And with the temps in lovely Chi-town expected to be frigid this weekend (today we are suppose to reach a whopping high of 10 degrees) I can't wait for a little warmer weather. But also with spring comes a sea of flowers in bloom. As many weddings and events begin to take place this time of year, there are a wide variety of gorgeous flowers to choose from to add just the right touch to your special celebration. Flowers are also an essential part of any home environment, whether you're entertaining or enjoying the space yourself. A small arrangement of fresh cut flowers can make a big statement. Tulips, orchids, gerber daisies and lilies are some of my favorite. They come in an array of colors and are at their peak this time of year. Always in season and never to be ignored is the traditional simple rose. It can be incorporated in just about any arrangement and personally one of my favorites. Here are some fun spring ideas for any event and/or your home. Happy Friday and GO BEARS!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pink the New Black?

It is this year! Pantone officially declared Honeysuckle, "a dynamic reddish pink" as the 2011 Color of the Year. Pink has always been one of my favorite colors (shocker). It's happy, uplifting, fun and versatile. You can pair shades of pink with just about any color. From wedding/event decor to home/interior décor to fashion pink will be popping up everywhere. Let's face it, this color looks good on just about anyone...yes men too. Here's some inspiration for incorporating this fabulous hue into your style.


Elle Decor

Elle Decor

Elle Decor

Johnathan Adler
Johnathan Adler

Jonathan Adler



 Nanette Lepore

 Marc Jacobs

Nanette Lepore


Hamilton Shirts