Thursday, January 13, 2011

Here we go...

Have you ever had an "Aha!" moment? You know, the moment in life when things just become clear out of the blue? For some people it happens quite frequently, but for others it takes a long time to reach that point. For me, I usually dwell and over-analyze...and dissect every detail of everything in my life, which makes my "Aha!" moment harder to reach. From relationships (which deserves a blog of it's own) to my career, it's been the same. But when it happens, it happens in a big way and I'm able to let go, make a change and move forward. It truly is a freeing feeling.

For the last 8 years I have spent my career doing some pretty fun and challenging things in the world of PR but throughout those 8 years I was never entirely happy. I always thought, PR was the career I chose and I'm pretty good at it so I should just keep going...that is until recently. About a year ago when I was re-evaluating my life (turning 30 will make you do that quite frequently) on a flight home from visiting my parents I remember staring out the window thinking about a conversation I had with them regarding my career. "So what's next?!" they asked. I looked at them dumbfounded, thought about the lackluster feeling I get when I tell people what I do and had no response. And from there, my mom changed the subject and went on to talk about the floral arrangement I designed for her for Christmas. It was then, on that plane staring into a sky clear of a single cloud a voice in my head said "what are you doing? It's time to make a change. It's time to focus on what's going to make you happy." And just like that, you would have thought Ghandi had told me the secret to life...or better yet, Patti Stanger told me the secret to love. I made the decision then and there on that flight that I would pursue my passion for design and décor and start my own business. Thus, one year later I'm launching J. Borders Event Design. Scared beyond belief but taking a leap of faith I'm doing this.
In conjunction I've also decided to start this blog. More so as a stress reliever. For me, writing is not only fun but therapeutic. I'm a little late in the game but I'm joining the blogoshpere. So here we go! I'll be posting daily on my favorite topics in the world of style from my latest projects to trends in event and home décor to fashion and inspirational travel (because often times, most of my inspiration comes from what I've seen abroad). So let's explore the world of style is more fun when you can Style With No Borders. ;)

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