Friday, April 29, 2011

A Modern Fairytale

What girl doesn't dream of stepping out of a horse drawn carriage in front of a palace to marry her handsome prince? Come on now...I know there are a handful of feminist out there who would scoff after reading that but I can't help it. Most girls grow up on fairytale bedtime stories (including yours truly) and watching a real life one unfold is just a guilty pleasure I can't pass up. So as we speak, I'm hosting a Royal Wedding Viewing Party for one...until I have to leave for work that is. It looks a little something like this (sans tiara but I couldn't NOT include one):

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So here's to a Happily Ever After, Kate and William. Cheers!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tribute to the Royal Wedding

It's royal wedding week and the world is going crazy over it. I even know some people who took off Friday to glue themselves to the tellie to watch it unfold. It's a grand event indeed. As Princess Diana was a mentor for most girls when I was growing up...Kate Middleton will be the same for young girls of this generation. So as everyone ponders what will she be wearing, what will the ceremony/reception look like and who will be in attendance, here's my take on a little royal glamor. 

Inspiration for a Royal Wedding

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Anthropologie Home Decor and Design Workshops

I am absolutely in love with Anthropologie...what girl isn't? One of my favorite places to shop, Anthropologie is also known for having some of the most creative window displays and decor set ups throughout the store that are immensely inspiring. Well attention all Chicagoans, the retailer is sharing some personal tips in home decor so save the date. On Thursday May 5th and May 12th, the Chicago Ave. store will be hosting home decor and design workshops. Check out the deets below and RSVP:

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Friday, April 22, 2011

In Honor of Mother Earth

Roll out the green carpet, today is Earth Day! 

"Greening" events has been an ongoing trend with everything from sustainable paper invitations, to "Green" caterers and transportation to natural and rustic decor. Here are a few sustainable events that I thought I'd share.

The first is an eco-friendly event yours truly planned a couple years ago to celebrate my company's partnership/sponsorship with the Museum of Science and Industry's Smart Home. 

Of course one event I had to share is a David Stark event. The Robin Hood Foundation event is one that my friend would talk about all the time. If I lived in NYC I'd be begging her to get me in. In a previous year's event, large corporations donated products like sneakers, bottles of water, computers and towels that could be given to those in need. Just like the Dr. Seuss event where they donated all the books used for the decor.

A shoe tornado!

Real flowers? imaged flowers!

House constructed of folded towels.

A more recent event that I thought was a great idea for a company was one that Leo Burnett threw for their employees in honor of Earth Hour. Three hundred employees in the Chicago office got to enjoy a live acoustic band, candlelit blue candles, LED lights that casted a green, plantlike reflection throughout the room and flameless candles as giveaways. Such a great even to engage employees in honor of Mother Earth! Happy Friday and make sure you're extra green today.  

 *photo by peter barreras via bizbash

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hip, Hop, Hippity-Hop

Easter is just around the corner and I thought I'd share some super creative ideas I've seen recently. Get inspired. Enjoy!

Shabby Chic Sweets Table by Jenny's Cookies

Easter Brunch by Lily Chic Events

Easter Egg Themed Sweets Table by Wants and Wishes

Easter Bunny Hop Party by The Savvy Mom's Guide

Friday, April 15, 2011

St. Barths...Take Me Away

Target's designer lines have definitely been a huge hit for the retailer. For me, they are hit or miss. But I will say this, the Calypso St. Barths for Target collection has a lot of promise and I can't wait to see it in person. Both the home collection and apparel/accessories are fab. The collection will be available from May 1 - June 11. I thought this would be a timely post considering it's going to be a whopping 40 degrees and rainy this weekend (Mother Nature is definitely messing we me, I thought we were done with this kind of weather). Enjoy and dream of St. Barths with me "where the sand has been compared to baby powder, sifted flour and even cashmere."

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Heaven

Everyone has something that just makes their knees weak. A decadent piece of chocolate cake, a smartly constructed Birkin handbag, a strikingly handsome guy. For me, it's a to die for closet...and to be honest, all those other things I mentioned too. But I digress. Right now my closet is turning into a crammed, jammed, black abyss. In fact, I stumbled upon a fantastic DVF dress I completely forgot I had because it was being swallowed by the 9 million other items squished in there. It's just not right. I vow right here, right now that the next place I move into will have a killer closet. A closet is the one place for a girl to showcase her prized possessions and style. Without being too dramatic (or crass) a fabulous closet is like porn for me. Just check these below and tell me if you disagree...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hey Cupcake, Make Room for the Doughnut

Last night I met some girlfriends at the fabulous Girl and the Goat for some food and vino. On the dessert menu were pork belly doughnuts. Really? While I'm sure they are fabulous, I'm a sweets girl right down to the core and this whole sweet/savory combo sometimes has me confused. Sometimes your meal and dessert just shouldn't mix. But what this menu item did do was get us on the topic of the major comeback doughnuts have been making in the last couple years. They seem to be on just about every new restaurant’s dessert menu. In fact, here in Chicago a new spot called "The Doughnut Vault" recently opened that sells warm, delicious doughnuts basically until they run out. And judging by the lines wrapping the corner I'm sure they have no problem getting rid of every last one. More interestingly, doughnuts are popping up more and more at events from baby showers to birthday parties to weddings. While nothing can take the place of a truly amazing cupcake, doughnuts have made their way on the scene giving the traditional cupcake a run for their money. The two things doughnuts have in their corner for this friendly competition are the many unique and creative ways to style them on sweet tables and when it comes to getting a better bang for your buck, these little treats seem to be more cost effective. Who gets your vote?