Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Heaven

Everyone has something that just makes their knees weak. A decadent piece of chocolate cake, a smartly constructed Birkin handbag, a strikingly handsome guy. For me, it's a to die for closet...and to be honest, all those other things I mentioned too. But I digress. Right now my closet is turning into a crammed, jammed, black abyss. In fact, I stumbled upon a fantastic DVF dress I completely forgot I had because it was being swallowed by the 9 million other items squished in there. It's just not right. I vow right here, right now that the next place I move into will have a killer closet. A closet is the one place for a girl to showcase her prized possessions and style. Without being too dramatic (or crass) a fabulous closet is like porn for me. Just check these below and tell me if you disagree...

1 comment:

  1. Yes, that would be quite wonderful, esp if its jam packed with birkin bags, ellie saab, valentino, prada etc., along w a makeup vanity holding tons and tons of all kinds of beauty! (Sigh)