Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hey Cupcake, Make Room for the Doughnut

Last night I met some girlfriends at the fabulous Girl and the Goat for some food and vino. On the dessert menu were pork belly doughnuts. Really? While I'm sure they are fabulous, I'm a sweets girl right down to the core and this whole sweet/savory combo sometimes has me confused. Sometimes your meal and dessert just shouldn't mix. But what this menu item did do was get us on the topic of the major comeback doughnuts have been making in the last couple years. They seem to be on just about every new restaurant’s dessert menu. In fact, here in Chicago a new spot called "The Doughnut Vault" recently opened that sells warm, delicious doughnuts basically until they run out. And judging by the lines wrapping the corner I'm sure they have no problem getting rid of every last one. More interestingly, doughnuts are popping up more and more at events from baby showers to birthday parties to weddings. While nothing can take the place of a truly amazing cupcake, doughnuts have made their way on the scene giving the traditional cupcake a run for their money. The two things doughnuts have in their corner for this friendly competition are the many unique and creative ways to style them on sweet tables and when it comes to getting a better bang for your buck, these little treats seem to be more cost effective. Who gets your vote?

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  1. Very interesting ideas. I especially like the look with the pink flowers and ribbon. And man, I could REALLY go for one of those chocolate ones right now!