Friday, April 22, 2011

In Honor of Mother Earth

Roll out the green carpet, today is Earth Day! 

"Greening" events has been an ongoing trend with everything from sustainable paper invitations, to "Green" caterers and transportation to natural and rustic decor. Here are a few sustainable events that I thought I'd share.

The first is an eco-friendly event yours truly planned a couple years ago to celebrate my company's partnership/sponsorship with the Museum of Science and Industry's Smart Home. 

Of course one event I had to share is a David Stark event. The Robin Hood Foundation event is one that my friend would talk about all the time. If I lived in NYC I'd be begging her to get me in. In a previous year's event, large corporations donated products like sneakers, bottles of water, computers and towels that could be given to those in need. Just like the Dr. Seuss event where they donated all the books used for the decor.

A shoe tornado!

Real flowers? imaged flowers!

House constructed of folded towels.

A more recent event that I thought was a great idea for a company was one that Leo Burnett threw for their employees in honor of Earth Hour. Three hundred employees in the Chicago office got to enjoy a live acoustic band, candlelit blue candles, LED lights that casted a green, plantlike reflection throughout the room and flameless candles as giveaways. Such a great even to engage employees in honor of Mother Earth! Happy Friday and make sure you're extra green today.  

 *photo by peter barreras via bizbash

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