Friday, January 14, 2011

A Golden Globe Soiree

It may not be the Oscars but the Golden Globes bring just as much fashion and fun to the red carpet. Now, I know it’s really all about the recognition of the great work of actors and actresses but let’s face it, these award shows have me ball and chain to the couch for the pre-show and red carpet. Somewhere beyond that I’m flipping to Bravo for the latest rerun of Real Housewives. But why not host your own Hollywood bash this Sunday as you watch the glamour unfold.

Create a chic atmosphere utilizing a black, white and splash of red color pallet. "Wow" your guests with a unique and fun popcorn bar (courtesy of Utterly Engaged), champagne cocktails, a glowing fire and glam it up with a few red roses. Engage your guests throughout the party by providing ballots for them to make their winning predictions (courtesy of Twig and Thistle). Voilà! Insta star-studded affair.

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