Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ballerina Girl

Ballet definitely made a comeback in a fierce way the last couple of years. Everything from trendy, ballet-infused, core fitness classes like the Bar Method to the world of fashion full of tutu skirts, chiffon, legwarmers and not to mention bridal gowns, the ballet trend has taken center stage. On the heels of Natalie Portman's Golden Globe win this weekend (I foresee an Oscar in her future) Black Swan definitely made an impact on its audience. While the film did not portray the art form in the best light (full of stress, extreme discipline, backstabbing competition and perfectionism) I'm willing to bet ballet dance classes across the country are filling up by the droves. Take it from a girl who danced a good portion of her life, I love this trend. There is something so simple, yet elegant and of course girly about it. I for one will be dusting off my pointe shoes and taking a class this week. Wish me luck. I know what my 2011 Halloween costume is going to be...move over Natalie Portman, there's a new Black Swan in town.

Ballet Inspired Everyday Fashion

Ballet Inspired Bridal (Martha Stewart)

Black Swan Inspired Fashion

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