Thursday, June 9, 2011


This blog for me has been really a place to express and share my ideas and thoughts on everything that has to do with style and decor. But occasionally I have made it a little personal and today is one of those days where I can't even pretend that the first thing I'm thinking about is a fabulous piece of decor I've found or a new fun idea  for party styling/entertaining. My thoughts are really with a close friend today and I will leave it at that.

Life is a crazy thing. For most, when you are young it's normal to be carefree and often times take for granted what's around you. But as you get older you start to face things in life that really make you realize that this one life we have to live is precious and not to dwell on the petty, little things. So surround yourself with loved ones as much as you can, notice the little things in life and eliminate those people that don't treat you with respect and kindness. The days tend to seem long sometimes but the years keep getting make sure to hug your mom/dad/sister/brother/husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/daughter/son/friend today for absolutely no reason at all other than just becuase.

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