Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It’s a Snowpocalypse!

Snowmageddon. Snownado. Thundersnow. A storm of historic proportions. Those are just a few terms being thrown around referencing the blizzard lovely Chicago is bracing itself for. Snow is pretty but not when you have negative 20 degree temps, 50-60 mile/per hour winds, ice, thunder (yes, apparently there is a such thing as thunder snow) and who knows what else. I don’t know about you, but I’m over winter. Forget about looking cute. From the layers of clothes to the never-ending static in my hair from my hat and scarf which clings to my face and lip gloss to the annoying fact I can’t use my phone with my gloves on and when I take them off I get frost bite…enough already. Therefore, I’m officially counting down the days until my first trip of 2011 (45 to be exact)…Puerto Rico. So here’s a little sunspiration on this cold, messy morning.

Adios puffy coat, static cling scarf and trapper hat...this is more my style:

Resort Wear - Tory Burch, Michelle Watch – Bloomingdales, YSL Sunglasses – Net-a-Porter, Fedora – Net-a-Porter

Hola Puerto Rico!

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  1. Sitting on the train with all of the layers u speak of. All I can think is take me with you!!