Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello Lover...

Ah Valentine’s Day. A little less than a week away, begging the question: How do I "wow" my S.O.? Let’s face it ladies, there are 2 ways to a man’s heart. 1- his stomach and 2 - well…we all know what 2 is…

Valentines Day shouldn’t be about the biggest, grandest spectacle you can think of or flashiest, trendiest restaurant you can get reservations at. In my opinion, an intimate dinner for 2 (at home) is always so much more special (not to mention fun). So if you’re aspirations are to be the next contestant on Top Chef, show him your skills and whip up something fabulous. If you’re like me, and cooking anything becomes a comedic sketch or fire hazzard, skip the stress and have something yummy catered in. Whatever the case may be, pair your meal with an intimate and romantic table setting for two. Here are some ideas below. Easy peasy. Bon appetite!



And for dessert, set his heart racing with something a little sexy and tasteful. Here’s a little inspiration from Shopbop’s latest V-day inspired ads.

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