Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Style Expert on 365 Days of Style.com

A recent addition to the newly launched website, http://www.365daysofstyle.com/, as a style expert I just made my first post to the site. As a contributor, I'll be answering style questions weekly. This community website is built on the premise of bringing the best of everything style...well, personal style to be exact. Check out the site and a sneak peak at my first Q&A below:

Q: What's your style splurge?

A: My style splurge is a purchase that I plan to make in the next week or two. For the longest time I have wanted a Louis Vuitton. I know, I know...how unoriginal and boring. But really, it is a classic investment piece. Handbags are my weakness and I'm building a nice collection (at least as nice as I can afford right now) but now it's time I get the bag I've been debating/eyeing for the last decade. It's functional, classic, excellent to travel with, a piece that works with just about any outfit and something I will be able to pass down to my daughter one day. Because I've analyzed this purchase forever, I know it will be well worth it. Now if we were talking about dreaming the impossible dream...a Birkin would be on my short list too...sigh.

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